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Gender and Sexuality in Autism

Föreläsning om autism och könsdysfori. Föreläsningen hålls på engelska.

Psychologist, lecturer and author, Dr. Wenn has run his own business for 22 yrs. At 2yrs, he was misdiagnosed as intellectually disabled, at school of being incapable of doing as he was told, at 17yrs misdiagnosed with schizophrenia; in and out of mental health institutions; eventually age 42yrs, diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition (ASC), ADHD, dyspraxia and learning difficulties.

Dr. Wenn is currently a Teaching Fellow with Birmingham University’s on line Master’s autism course. He resides on the Autism Open Access board and the board for SEAL, (Community College in Warrnambool, Australia) & the ICAN board, South West (Australia). He is participant and advisor for Autism CRC, Australia, and he has written numerous books (and papers) on ASC.